By this we mean not "profit-oriented"; on the contrary, we see corporate earnings as a by-product "real" work. To achieve results, discuss and analyze the available information free of any sensitivities.
Whether student or business management, the one who provides the most convincing argument and therefore the best views of the desired result has priority. The staff ("Staff" there is no us) can and should with Mistral in the continuous improvement of our services.
We are looking for bright minds with loyal and decent beings who have desire without much move obstructive company policies. And what is certainly very special: we care for you as people and not so much for your past or training. Care is also not your grades before 10, 20 or 30 years, or if you are a Carpenter, office clerk, or painter – if you believe that you can support our houses, then we look forward to receiving your application. Please send them to