Strange buildings near Best Western Hotel Alzey

Best Western Hotel Alzey Trullo

Strange buildings in the vicinity of the best Western Hotel Alzey

When you Western Hotel Alzey will visit the best you in our area for us are strange-looking buildings. These are trullo, the Rhenish-Hessian Vineyard Cottage. The Trullo looks back on an old cultural history.

In one of numerous biblical evidence is spoken, for example, from the plant of a vineyard with wall and Tower. The expression of Trullo comes from Italian (plural Trulli) and is a term for the occurring especially in Apulia stone houses with dome-shaped vault, although this type of buildings in many parts, not only Europe. For example, in Switzerland, Ireland, Scandinavia, the Hebrides, and in North Africa.
Here in Rhenish Hesse, the Trullo served the vineyard workers to protect them from rain and sudden storms and as a shade tree. Here was the site of the breaks, where the bring your own lunch has been eaten.
Many of the Vineyard Cottage had a second function – one another floor, or at least a platform in the roof end, here was the place for the vineyard protect. With their overview of the whole vineyards could protect the grapes with fright shots marauding swarms of birds. With these features, there were vineyard houses since the middle ages. Built of field stones, until today, they have received form, function and location.

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